A movie made at Dublin Literacy Conference 2010

At the 2010 Dublin Literacy Conference, I was asked to run a family session for parents and students. I figured that stopmotion movies would be interesting, and about 150 parents and young people quickly signed up. The room was packed with people. I handed out WikiStix to as many kids as I could, had them make characters and then I spent the next hour working with them on making a stopmotion movie on the screen. The concept was simple: create a parade of unusual characters. I think we must have ended up with about 25 to 30 students involved in making this video, which one student called a "conga line," and that is so much cooler than a parade.

Here's what we came up with:

If you were one of my Dublin collaborators, you can also download the movie to your computer. Just click on this link and follow the directions for the download. Thanks for being excited about making movies and I hope you explore your world with technology.