Claymation Movies

Claymation animation is a fun way to invent your own crazy characters for a stopmotion movie. While there is expensive clay that you can buy, I suggest you buy the cheap stuff when you are beginning. Your fingers will get a little messy, perhaps, but you will have a lot of fun. Add other props -- such as googly eyes -- to the supplies.

Here are a few tips for making clay characters:

  • Don't make your characters too small (too hard to film) nor too big (they fall over);
  • If you need to add some stability to a clay character, use toothpicks or wire inside. Think of it like a skeleton.
  • Make the bottom of your character bigger than the top. If your character is top-heavy, it might fall down in the middle of filming;
  • Be creative -- clay holds many possibilities.

A tour of sixth and second graders collaborating on creating claymation characters:


Sixth graders capture the creation of claymation characters:

And a brief tour of clay characters from a recent summer claymation camp:

Examples of Claymation Movies 

The Kitchen Adventure

Considering Tolerance: A Collection of Claymation Movies