Making Stopmotion Movies

This site is a resource for educators and young people who want to learn more about how to create stopmotion and claymation movies. I hope you get inspired and make your own movies!.

Created by Kevin Hodgson, a sixth grade teacher at the William E. Norris Elementary School and the technology liaison with the Western Massachusetts Writing Project.

Making movies encourages:

* Project-based learning
* Creativity

* Collaboration
* Story development skills
* Character development skills
* Presentation/Publication experience
* Technology expertise 


Steps to making a movie:

Come up with an idea
• Sequence the story
• Storyboard the story
• Write and edit the script
• Practice the script
• Build (clay or Wiki Stix) characters (or use existing toys) and your sets
• Film the scenes
• Edit the footage and add narration
• Produce movie
• Burn DVD or upload to video sharing site
• Bask in praise of the public 

(Read more detailed steps)


Here is a student movie that mixes Pivot Stickfigure Animation with stopmotion animation (plus some wiki-stix). The movie is called Chuck and Bill